Creating a new, open, diverse, and inclusive borderless payment network together
Tenpay Global harnesses Tencent's Financial Technology (FiT) ecosystem, technology, risk management, compliance, and big data capabilities to assist global financial institutions and partners in connecting with users and businesses. Together, we create secure, convenient, and inclusive financial products and services, comprehensively addressing the cross-border capital needs of users and businesses.
How Money Moves Is Changing: Innovations in Global Remittance
Visa and Tencent Financial Technology Extend Global Partnership to Facilitate Remittances to Digital Wallets Utilising Visa Direct
Sending Money Overseas Could be as Easy as Sending a Text Message
Tenpay Global named "FinTech of the Year" at Asia FinTech Awards 2023
Tenpay Global
Tenpay Global, your gateway to seamless cross-border payments and personal remittances, bridges the world’s payment networks with Weixin's ecosystem in China. We’re reshaping the global payment network to be more innovative, open, diverse, and inclusive, elevating global services for users and businesses.
1 billion+ users worldwide
Leveraging on the Tencent ecosystem, we connect financial institutions, financial products and services and users.
Almost 20 years of experience in payments
With almost two decades of deep-rooted experience in the payment industry and 10 years of forex expertise, we safeguard end-to-end regulatory compliance.
200+ strategic partners
Tenpay Global is dedicated to providing cross-border end-to-end payment solutions, we help our partners thrive in the long term.
Tencent‘s FiT ecosystem
Embraced globally with a ubiquitous presence among the Chinese community; and empowered by Tencent FiT's technology, risk management, compliance, and big data capabilities.
Global payment partners
Partnering major global financial institutions and key collaborators to achieve interconnectivity within the global payment network.
Overseas lifestyle service platform
Connecting and providing global lifestyle services such as cross-border e-commerce platforms, to create a seamless cross-border-to-local experience.
'1+1+1' Committed to building a digital global payment network
Through our '1+1+1' model, Tenpay Global fosters open collaboration and mutual connectivity, pioneers a secure, compliant, and efficient global digital payment network that covers a wide range of business use cases to improve the well-being of people through lifestyle services.

Security and Compliance: Building a Shield of Trust

Chinese Mainland
· Payment Business Operation Permit.
· Filed for cross-border RMB payments with the PBoC.
· Registered in the Directory of Enterprises with Foreign Exchange Receipts and Payments in Trade.
· Partnered with reputable banks to safeguard your funds.
Hong Kong SAR, China
· Money Service Operator (MSO) licence.
· Stored Value Facilities (SVF) license.
· Stringent protection of remitter's privacy.
· Major Payment Institution (MPI) license.
· Round-the-clock risk monitoring to safeguard every remittance transaction.